Ten Years!

Posted: October 19th, 2013 | News

I don’t know if you all remember but about a month ago I posted that I had a big announcement.   Well the time has come and I am proud to announce that I have been in a business for 10 years now. 
  I can’t believe that it was 10 years ago that I flew out to California and bought a male Spider for $15,000.   It was time of many firsts for me and within one year I had over $80,000 wrapped up into snakes.  It totally consumed me and I knew that the ball python market was huge!   It is crazy to think that I got married in that time and I had a full time job and I had a gun business also.  I had a lot of energy back then!
  I had Lessers before most people had them and I did great and produced 44 of them in 2005.   That is when my snake business took a huge upswing.   I traded for cool new morphs and sold some for big money.   It was awesome.   I also saw the crash of 2006 but it didn’t deter me.   Once I laid eyes on the Champagne I knew that I had to have one.   It was 2007 and I had the oppurtunity to get them and I needed $30,000 in two days.   At that time I was in a 6 month old house with a huge mortgage.   Talk about stress.   But I sold off snakes and made it work.  
  It wa  Then I was able to take the money I made in Champagne’s and purchase the Banana and Coral Glow project.   It wasn’t cheap but I believed in it very strongly.   I knew that my future rested in the Banana project I knew that everyone was going to want one.  That is very evident today.  So then came the Banana sex link drama.  Oh my I think we could write another book on the Banana project alone and all of the controversy.   Does anyone out there think that they are not sex linked anymore?   If they do good luck with that.   Anyway the Banana project was very good to me and still continues to be to this day. 
  All in all the ball python industry has consumed and changed my life forever.   I might not be as energized as I once was about it but it will forever hold a place in heart.   I look forward to many more years of breeding snakes and making new combo’s that make me smile.   It is hard to think that I was once a little kid who collected garter snakes and snapping turtles.  That was a long time ago and to think if I could have told myself back then that I would have thousands of snakes make a good living selling them.   Anyway thanks for reading my long post.  I am very happy for all of my good friends that I have made in this industry and all of the wonderful people that I have met.   Here’s to another ten years!