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Thanks Brad Boa

Posted: January 10th, 2010 | News

Alexis is doing fine and settling in nicely. She is wearing her mother out badly as I think that she is going through a growth spurt. It is wild being a dad. I have done a ton of stuff in my life but I have never been a dad before. I just want her to be able to talk and run already! Gretchen says that it will happen soon enough.

I went down in my snake room yesterday and I discovered that I got my SpinnerBlast male to breed. He was breeding my Citrus Pastel female. She is the mother of my great clutch this year that produced 2 male Queenbee’s and 2.1 Pastel Champagne’s. I hope that she goes again and I get some great luck from year. I think that she is going to go. I got this male in a big deal that I did with my good friend Brad Boa. Brad has been a great friend and is awesome guy. Everytime we do a deal I feel like we both made out great and his snakes really are top quality. He cares for his collection the same way I do mine. He keeps it spotless and feeds them very WELL! So today I salute Brad.