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Things are going well

Posted: February 20th, 2009 | News

I should have a good year this year. I have tons of stuff breeding and the females are developing quite nicely. You always want more that is just the over achiever in us. I should be very grateful for what I have! Last year was a awesome year and it was by far my best year to date. Plus my daughter Alexis was born and she is just so precious!

Here is a picture of my male Queenbee breeding a Woma female. She is a 04 so I am hoping for a great clutch. Here first clutch in 07 was not that great. I might get lucky and hatch something great! I have my Lesser het Clown breeding three adult female Clowns so there is a good chance I should produce a LesserClown this year.

My Caramel Glow male is breeding everything in sight as well. I am breeding him to female het Caramels and a Caramel female to produce Caramels that are het for ghost! That is going to be exciting! It should be a good one this year and I am still investing in new snakes. Next week I have some new stuff coming in so standby for pictures. Oh on a side note the best one I heard this week is that I am not a cop I am a dispatcher! I can’t get over my haters they are special breed that is for sure!