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Things are heating up

Posted: April 14th, 2010 | News

Things are heating up over here! I am getting clutches finally as I am running very late compared to what I normally do. As you can see by this picture things are going pretty good! I can’t wait to see what this season unfolds! I really think that this combo is going to rock! Actually I think that anything Banana is going to ROCK!

I think that just about everyone in the business except my top five special friends who will remain nameless has contacted me for Banana! I don’t know what price I am going to charge for them so please don’t ask. They will hatch this summer and then I will decide what I am going to do. I think that I am going to sell them in pairs for a ton of money! It is going to be good! On a side note I think that the market is changing and you have to change with it. If you can’t change with it you will be left behind!