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Things are looking up

Posted: January 19th, 2010 | News

It has been awhile since I blogged so I thought that I better make a post. The season started out very slowly for me with things in December not really taking off. I got in some new males and some of them are cooperating and others are not. It is going to be a light year for me so I have to make this most of what I have.

Last year was very good to me so I should be able to coast through this year. I think I am going to have a few good clutches that are going to pull me through this year. Nothing ever goes completely as planned. I have a ton of people wanting Banana’s from me and I have told them all the same thing. I don’t know what I am going to produce at this point. They are going to be expensive so please don’t ask me for a price.

Unlike what others who are not in the project say they are highly valuable and people want them! It is the last great ball python project from what I can see so there is no reason for it to tank. Of course the naysayers are going to diss it for whatever reasons mostly to erk me but I don’t care. I have a ton of people who want them and even if I had 5 males going I couldn’t satisfy the demand. I do love hearing the stories every two weeks of this guy has them and he got a wild caught one from Africa and produced from it and then this guy had 9 of them but now he has 1. I really don’t care I find this all amusing now.

I have had so many threats and stories about myself lately that I am just done with it. I am focusing on my snakes and trying to make something cool this year if I am lucky. To be successful in this business you need to focus on your animals and don’t worry about what others say. Most of the time they are just jealous. I am glad that I have the friends that I do they keep me grounded in this crazy business. I hope every one’s breeding is going great and I look forward to meeting some new people this year! Oh and I forgot here is a picture of a my Ultramel locked up with a Clown. I think that I am going to do good with the Ultrmel project this year.