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Things are rolling and it is looking like a good year.

Posted: June 1st, 2014 | News

Breeding season is still going on.   We are getting lots of eggs and things are looking great.   Brad Boa and I are going to have a great year over at his place.   He has got Sunset eggs cooking so we should see some nice het’s this year.   He also has gravid female from our Bamboo male.  I am actually excited to see where the Bamboo takes us.   It is a neat mutation all by itself.   He is also going to have a killer year with Banana Clown stuff and Banana Enchi stuff.   Who doesn’t love Banana’s?   I said it a long time ago.   Everyone that keeps snakes wants a Banana!   They are just too cool.    I should do well with Banana’s and Banana Combo’s also.   I used a Banana Clown male who is a female maker and I have several Clown girls and Pastel Clown girls gravid from him.   He also bred a Lesser Clown female and I am waiting on eggs from that breeding.

We will also have Blacklace stuff available this year.   It will be our first time so we are looking forward to seeing the babies from that project.   I am also going to have more Banana Genetic Stripes this year.   Those are just awesome looking in person.   Man what a combo!    Also my first time ever producing Blackhead stuff.   I have three clutches coming with possibly more on the Blackhead front.   I am also hoping to produce a Ultramel Ghost this year.  I have three attempts at it so wish me luck.  I missed on two clutches last year.   I am hoping that this is my year.    I am off to a great start this year on the odds game.   I have 7 Banana’s and Banana combo’s hatching out from a 10 egg clutch right now.   I have been doing great on my GHI production also.   I will have quite a few GHI’s available this season and combo’s.   So please keep me in mind if you want a GHI.   I should be able to take care of you.

I am also doing payment plans for people this year.   I ask for 20 percent down and would like to keep them around 3 months.   If you need to go longer please contact me and maybe we can work something out.   I will try.   It is not that hard to keep track of.   I also just got the Square so I can take credit cards at shows.   I think that is cool.  I am going to get that thing figured out.   This year is really taking off and it appears that it is going to be another great year for Brock Wagner Reptiles.

I have a special surprise here on my blog and Facebook page in about a month.   Stay tuned the pictures and the gene are going to be epic.   So happy that I am involved!   Please keep checking my Facebook page and like it.   I post all the time and keep you updated on what I have going on and for sale.