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This year’s progress

Posted: April 20th, 2011 | News

Here is a picture of some clutches that I have recently gotten.   There is a eight egg clutch from a Blonde Pastel bred to a Lesser Clown there.  There is also five eggs from SpinnerBlast Coral Glow to Lesser female.   I am very excited about that clutch.   The incubator is running and I am getting clutches so things are good.   I have more to be laid soon and it looks like I am going to be very busy in July with babies.  

If you are wanting 2011 stock from me please contact me and let me know but don’t ask for price quotes.   I can’t be sure what the market is going to be until I have babies on the ground and out of the egg.  Then I can start to quote prices on what they are worth at that time.   I won’t quote prices now because I know that you are just using it as a tool to get a better deal down the road.   Not happening!

The market appears to be very strong as I have had a ton of interest in stuff.   Of course people want Banana’s and Coral Glows.   I can suggest save your money and by fall we should be able to accommodate you.   I have just added two het Toffee females to the for sale section.  Go check them out and let me know if you they work for you.   It is a great way to get a older het female that could produce this up coming season for you and make you good money!   I am not going down on price on them as that is what I paid for them.   I am just clearing space for more holdbacks from this year.   Who knows maybe I am adding het Candy or het toffee codom’s to the arsenal!   He He