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Tinley and New Stuff

Posted: October 16th, 2012 | News

I just got back from Tinley Park yesterday and I am trying to play catch up.   We had a great show there.   Cj sold some Champagne’s and Butters and Pastels and I did great.   I had to work very hard for it though.  I think vending there for the last 7 years has helped build up a great customer base for me.   It was great seeing tons of new people there this year also.  I took Chris and he was awesome like usual.  You don’t find better friends then the ones that I have.   They really take care of me and help out when I have a ton of stuff going on.   Shows can be crazy and it is hard for me to help everybody but I try.  That is where my friends really shine they help me get done all that I need to.  

I have also been hatching out more snakes lately.  I have GHI’s and Banana’s out now so that is great.   Those are two hot selling morphs.   I wish that I had more rodents because I have two baby racks that are full now and I have to get them all fed.   My Banana Clown male just shed out and man is he awesome.  Go over to Facebook and check out his picture.   I am also going to put a list of snakes up that I have for sale right now.   Please contact me at 402 202-8923 if you are interested in any of them.  Send me a text with what you want on my list and we shall see if we can make a deal.  

I still have  a few more clutches to hatch out and then I am done.  I have one more Clown female to lay eggs and she is holding onto them.   I am hoping she drops them soon and they are all viable.   Wish me luck.   Now I need to figure out what is going to stay in the racks for the future and what I am going to get rid of.   I have one more ARS rack on order right now.  That is my last.   At least that is what I told my wife.   He he.