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Tinley and the last show of the year

Posted: October 14th, 2009 | News

Wow I am so glad that the last show is finally done. I have been from coast to coast and then some in the past three months. I would love to know how many miles I have traveled. It is a ton! Tinley was a great time I love seeing old friends like Brad Boa and Mike and Elizabeth! I don’t get to see them much so spending time with them is always priceless.

Remember this business is great that we get to make money but the true friends that you make in this biz are Priceless! It was great seeing Oz and BT and Larry also. I need to travel more to hang out with my friends. The show was ok I don’t think that it was great show for sales I have heard mixed reports. You never know what to believe from some people. I think it was ok but there are a ton of small shows in Chicago and I feel that it hurts this one big show when it comes to sales. It is still a great place for all of us to get to together and hang out.

I picked up a Orange Ghost Black Pastel female and a Banana Pinstripe female. It was good that me and Will got to talk. He is a nice guy and he loves his snakes. Brad had a awesome display. More LemonBlast’s, Bee’s, and KillerBlast’s to choose from then anyother display. He is the man and produces some quality stuff! I thought about taking a SuperBlast female home from him. I should give him a call. I am getting contacted a ton about a pricelist and what I have available. I don’t have much. All I have left is some Lesser’s and a Lesser het ghost male.

My sales again were through the roof this year. I can’t thank my customers enough. You are too good to me! My business is growing and I can’t wait to see what I produce next year. I have to go and make a Breeding Plan soon. That is going to be tough. All I am focused on right now is feeding. You need to feed them great and have good fat reserves on them for the upcoming breeding season. I am thinking of putting together a breeding recipe soon and post it on the blog. I get asked to much already about what I do and where did I find the golden horseshoe!