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Tinley Park Show and Check out my available section

Posted: October 15th, 2011 | News

I finally broke down and updated my available section.   I need to make more time to do that.   I promise it is something I am going to work harder at to do.   It doesn’t really take that long and I just need to make the time.

I got back from the Tinley Show.   Wow is all I have to say.   There were lots of ball pythons there.   My daughter Alexis had to go to the ER on Sat due to Croup.   That was scary and I had Kallie with me while Gretchen was with Alexis in the ER.   Talk about stress.   It was hard to focus.   I have to thank some good friends for all their help otherwise I wouldn’t have made it through.   I was wiped out after the show though.   I still haven’t recovered.   I do want to thank my customers and friends who bought from me there.   I really appreciate it.

Here is a picture of my Champagne Enchi male.   He is pounding rats and I am hoping that he is going to be a great breeder this year.   I have to start thinking about this breeding season and I am making prepartions for it right now.   I have some young males that I am focusing on so it might be a light year.   That would be ok I guess.   I need a break.   Yeah right if you know me I can’t sit still for too long .   I am excited about some future projects.   I know that this is going to be a good Toffee and Candy year for me.   I look forward to selling het’s and visuals next year.   Can you say Karma!