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Trying to stay focused

Posted: December 24th, 2009 | News

I haven’t blogged in some time so I apologize. I have been busy installing a Generator to run the house in case of a emergency. I can’t lose power or it could be devastating! I also have been busy with starting the breeding season. Things have been pretty slow over here. I have a ton of females and not enough males. A mistake I promise never to make again. I knew that I was raising a army of morph girls but I didn’t holdback enough males to get them all bred. Not good. Top that off with some males that don’t cooperate and you have a recipe for disaster!

I do have some males breeding good this year. My Ultramel male is going strong as you can see in the picture. I hope to produce double het’s and some visual het’s from him this year! My Butter SpinnerBlast is kicking butt as well. He is a breeding machine. I guess you have to make what you have work!