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Posted: November 6th, 2009 | News

Last week me and the wife went on a nice vacation to Lake Tahoe. It was great. I needed to get away and forget about the business lately. I did miss Alexis though but her grandparents did a great job taking care of her. Thanks a TON!!!

I have been feeding snakes very heavily lately and I need more rodents. I don’t have near enough mice to feed the holdbacks and mousers in the collection. I have a adult Clown and two adult Ghosts who like nothing but mice. I refuse to feed Gerbils which others seem to be doing with scary frequency! It is just my opinion not to do it.

You can see by the Ghost Kingpin picture above she is well fed and eats everything in sight! I moved the snakes around yesterday and I have them in their correct spots so I can start the cool down in two weeks. For everyone contacting me right now for stuff I am sold out of everything here but I can get you special snakes such as combo morphs and triple females. Just ask if I can’t get it I will tell you right away. Also I am not quoting prices on Banana’s or Coral Glows at this time so please don’t ask!!