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WHS Line Scaleless Heads

Posted: July 18th, 2014 | News

Hey everyone.  I know it has been some time since I posted a blog.  Sorry about that.  I have been super busy like always.  I try to keep everything current on my Facebook page.  I think that most of you follow me over there.   I have new customers who are coming to me and they didn’t even know I had a website.  Lol!   Anyway thanks for following what it is that I have going on.  Here are some updates.

First off I can finally release the information about the WHS line of Scaleless Head.  My good friend Winston Smith last year was able to acquire some ball pythons that resembled the BHB line of Scaleless Heads.  He acquired them and now he is producing his first hets.  You will see some pictures of them here and please go to my Facebook page.  I am going to be putting them on there.  I can assure you a weekly SH picture will surely be on there.   I am very excited to be involved in this project with Winston.   He is genius and trust me I listen up when he starts talking about genetics.  We are offering them with a money back guarantee that you will be able to produce a Scaleless ball python from our het’s.  Trust me on this.  I know that I am the only one in the industry that could offer this money back guarantee and will follow through on it if it doesn’t prove out.   All of my good friends and customers know that about me!

We feel that this project is going to be a game changer.  Now we can make new everything with the existing morphs out there.  It is so exciting.  We feel that the excitement is only going to grow as the project matures and the years go by.  This is one thing that the ball python industry needed very badly after the last few years.  I can tell you this with confidence that this is a morph that will make a good return on the initial investment.   People who bought Banana’s from me earlier on when they were stupid high money all did well.  As long as you produce you will be just fine.   If you have any questions about the project feel free to text me at 402 202-8923 or email me.  I will be prompt in my reply to you!  Come and get into the latest and most exciting ball python project!

Now for a season update.   Things are going great.  If you have been following my Facebook page I am sure that you already knew that.  I am hatching tons of new stuff and still getting eggs.  I really love setting up eggs.  It is weird how seeing a snake on eggs makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.  I have been selling GHI’s real well.  Right now I just have a lone GHI female left.   Don’t worry more GHI eggs are cooking and more clutches are to be laid.  I have some cool GHI crosses coming out this season.  I am also doing great on my Banana production.  Banana’s are selling great.   Like usual the majority of customers want a normal Banana male.  I have some cool crosses like Banana Clown’s and Banana Enchi females still for sale.  And come and make me a offer I can’t refuse on some Banana and Pastel Banana het Clown females.  I have some them eating great.  I have more cooking along with some cool new Banana Clown combo’s.

I also have just started to hatch out my Candy stuff.  Man it is selling before I can even get it out of the egg.  I knew I should have bred for more Candy stuff.  I didn’t know it was going to be this sought after.  Please be patient with me.  I have more clutches coming and more to hatch so I can let you know if I can get you the het’s that you want.  Oh and for the record.  I bred a Pastel Candy male to a het Toffee female and produced visual Candy’s with no shark mouth.  I have had a few tell me that was a lethal combo and it is not.

Me and Boa are also hatching our first clutch of het Sunset’s soon.  We are very excited about that.  We also have a good amount of Black Lace stuff already on the ground.  If you would like some please hit us up!   We are also doing great on Banana Enchi females and crosses.  We have Bamboo eggs cooking with more to be laid.  Brad Boa Inc has been one of our best friends and we consider them family.   Please keep a eye on what he has going on!