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Daytona here we come! Let the show season begin!

Posted: August 12th, 2011 | News

Things have been going great over here.   I have been hitting some great odds and like usual things are sold right as they come out of the egg.   I am truley blessed in the snake business.   I can’t believe how great it is going for me.   I only could dream that it could stay this way forever!   He He  I am sure my haters love to hear that!

Here is a picture of a new snake that hatched out from a Pastel to Spider Coral Glow clutch.   It doesn’t make sense on what it is.  It looks like a Butter Killerbee but hey who knows.  I need to raise it up and find out what it is.  I have been hatching out Lesser Clowns and of course more Banana stuff.  I just made a Lesser Banana and I do like it.   It is cool.   And it ate last night so that makes me happy!  

I will have a variety of stuff for Daytona next week.  Some Champagne’s and cheaper stuff and of course the super high end stuff like Lesser Clowns and Banana’s.   There might even be a male for sale on the table!!   You never know!   Bring your cash if you want that bad boy!    The show season begins with Daytona and I will be in Anaheim and also Tinley Park this year.   I look forward to seeing everyone.  Old friends and new customers is what is all about.   I don’t look forward to seeing a certain few but hey it is the snake biz and that is how it goes.  I just found out my number one fan will be in Daytona.   Great! 

See you soon!