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Daytona News and Anaheim this Weekend!

Posted: September 1st, 2011 | News

Daytona has come and gone.  It was nice seeing old friends and making new ones.   The show was lighter this year than in years past.   Not as many people.   I guess we knew that was happening.   I still sold stuff so I can’t complain.   The traffic could have been a few more people for such a large show.   I had a good time though so that was great.

I have Anaheim this weekend in California and I am very excited about that.  I get to hang out with my West Coast friends.   That is going to be great.   I hope that people come this weekend with it being a holiday.   If you are coming please come stop by the table and check out our goods.   We are going to have some cool stuff there.   I think we should do alright.

I put up a picture of my Pastel Ghost Desert male that I got from my good friend Josh Marki.   This male is going to be put some good work over here.   He is just awesome.   I laugh anymore when I see people dogging on Deserts.   I compare the females to Pieds.   It appears that they take a long time to grow up.   Same story different morph.  

I have a Desert Honeybee hatching out this week.   That excites me greatly.  I have four more clutches to be laid over here and then I am done for the year.   I did alright with 56 clutches here and more other places.   That was enough work for me.   I still have some very cool stuff to hatch.  I am sure that you have seen the pictures of some of stuff over on Bush League.   My boy Chris takes great pictures for me.   He is my right hand man!  

I see all over the internet a certain troll is bashing Banana’s.   He wants to take pressure away from his Candy’s being compatible with Albino’s and that market going down.  I will say this I have never culled a Banana nor would I.   If you believe that you are a idiot.   I could have sold that Banana for money.   If you know anything about me you know I love money.   I make no qualms about it.   I didn’t get this successful by sitting on my hands and saying ok.   I have worked hard for everything I got and I will continue to do so.  That Banana project is the best ball python project out there.   It is the best project that there will ever be in the ball python market.   Everyone wants them that is why everyone talks about them all the time.   I really sit back and laugh at it.   All the time Banana talk never stops.   Certain people don’t know how to market the snakes and think that they are hot shit when they hatch out some but hey it is just there own inferiority complexes coming to light!   I still sit back and laugh.   Some will drop prices I have not.   If you want them from me you are going to pay.   I think I have made that loud and clear.    There is one more piece to the puzzle that needs to happen with the Banana gene and I will post it here everything I know about the gene.  In the mean time if you want one you know where you can get one!