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Latest Cisco Channel Partner Program 500-601 Exam Dumps – Exam2Pass Cisco experts provid

Posted: December 4th, 2018 | News

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Latest Cisco Channel Partner Program 500-601 Exam Dumps – Exam2Pass Cisco experts provid

Which option describes the correct sequence to discover an ESX server in the fabric without a blade
switch or multiple Layer 2 hops?
A. The leaf sends LLDP/CDP to the ESX, the ESX sends parsed UDP/CDP information to the vCenter,
the AP1C receives LLDP/CDP information from the vCenter, and the APIC downloads the policy for
VMs behind the ESX to the leaf node.
B. The APIC downloads the policy for VMs behind ESX to the leaf node, the leaf sends LLDP/CCP to the
ESX, the ESX sends parsed LLDP/CDP information to the vCenter, and the APIC receives LLDP/CDP
information from the vCenter.
C. The ESX sends parsed LLDP/CDP information to the vCenter, the leaf sends LLDP/CCP to the ESX,
the APIC downloads the policy for VMs behind the ESX to the leaf node, and the APIC receives LLDP/
CDP information from the vCenter.
D. The ARC receives LLDP/CDP information from the vCenter, the APIC downloads policy for VMs
behind ESX to the leaf node, the leaf sends LLDP/CCP to the ESX, and the ESX sends parsed LLDP/
CDP information to the vCenter.
Correct Answer: B


Which three statements about fitter and contract are true? (Choose three.)
A. A contract can be consumed and provided by as many EPGs as are needed by the network design.
B. A fitter can be used by multiple contracts.
C. A fitter contains groups of IP subnet
D. A contract can be consumed by a single EPG
E. A contract can be provided by a single EPG
F. A filter contains EtherType, IP protocol, TCP flags, and Layer 4 ports.
Correct Answer: ABF


In the Cisco Nexus 9508 chassis, how many Broadcom T2 ASICs are on the fabric module?
A. 4
B. 1
C. 2
D. 0
Correct Answer: A


Which two statements about tenant bridge domain Layer 2 unknown unicast forwarding modes are true’?
(Choose two.)
A. If forwarding mode is flood, unknown Layer 2 unicast is sent to all Layer 2 ports in the bridge domain.
B. If forwarding mode is proxy, unknown Layer 2 unicast packets are sent to border leaf proxy for
C. By default, multicast traffic is always flooded within the bridge domain VLAN.
D. Layer 2 unknown unicast can be set to flood or proxy, the default is flood.
E. If border leaf proxy cannot resolve the destination, packet is flooded.
Correct Answer: AB


Which messaging protocol is used by the vPC peers to communicate with each other?A. LLDP
Correct Answer: D


If a Cisco ARC cluster is fully operational, how many replica copies does each shard have in addition to
the leader replica?
A. 4
B. 3
C. 1
D. 2
Correct Answer: B


Which option describes the ASICs that comprise the 2 RU spine chassis PID Cisco Nexus 9336PQ?
A. three Broadcom and one Alpine
B. two Broadcom and two Alpine
C. two Broadcom and one Alpine
D. one Broadcom and two Alpine
Correct Answer: A


Which two statements about when the ARP request/response is not set to flooding on an Cisco ACI Fabric
are true? (Choose two.)
A. Static endpoint entries can be configured under the Tenant Networking section of the Cisco ACI Ul for
silent hosts to communicate with each other.
B. When the ARP originator and ARP target are known to the proxy, forwarding Asus X550V Charger can no longer occur using
the proxy because the source and destination are now known
C. When an ARP target device responds, a response is sent to the proxy, which has an entry (or the ARP
originator, so it is then forwarded to the leaf where ARP originator resides.
D. When ARP response is known by the proxy, the ARP is forwarded from the leaf that received the ARP
to the spine, and onto the leaf where the ARP target resides.
E. The proxy age time has no limit If the target of the ARP has not sourced a frame Asus X550VC Charger for some lime, the
entry remains indefinite because this i$ the only way forwarding can work between silent hosts.
Correct Answer: CE


Which packets are counted after the atomic counters are configured?
A. packets that are switched in the hypervisors
B. packets that are locally switched
C. packets that are switched via AVS
D. packets that traverse the fabric
Correct Answer: A


Which scope type is used when the subnet address needs to be ‘leaked” to a different context or tenant?A. public
B. shared
C. infra
D. private
Correct Answer: D


What is the minimal number of operational Cisco APICs .n a cluster that are needed to ensure that policy
modification is still possible?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 1
Correct Answer: A


Which command allows you to log in to a line card on a leaf switch?
A. Leaf# vsh_lc
B. Leaf#vsh
C. Leaf*vsh-lc
D. Leaft vshell -lc
E. Leafs vsh-hw
Correct Answer: E


Which three states are distributed to each node in the fabric? (Choose three)
A. fabric node vector
B. iVXLAN vector
C. appliance vector
D. replica vector
E. diameter ID
F. cluster vector
Correct Answer: CDF


Which three AVS switching modes are supported on Cisco ACI? (Choose three)
A. VXLAN, no local switching
C. VXLAN, local switch
D. VLAN, no local switching
E. MAC pinning
F. VLAN, local switching
Correct Answer: ADF


Which two policies can be set within the vswitch policies of an Attachable Access Entity Profile on 1.0?
(Choose two.)A. PortChannel Policy
B. Monitoring Policy
C. CDP Policy
D. LACP Policy
E. VLAN Policy
Correct Answer: AE


What does the acronym OBFL stand for?
A. Onboard Failure Logging
B. Out of band Failure Logic
C. Onboard Forwarding Logic
D. Oversubscription Forwarding Level
Correct Answer: A


Which two statements about troubleshooting common ARP forwarding issues ma Cisco ACI Fabric are
true? (Choose two.)
A. If IPManager On the spine rejected a tenant VRF/route configuration, the spine command show ip
route vrf <vrf name> can be used to verify all tenant VRF configurations.
B. The BD SVI IP address can be verified with the vsh_ Ic show platform internal ns forwarding router-ip
C. The tcpdum command can be used on all Cisco ACI switches to capture and verity tenant EPGdata
plan traffic.
D. The VLAN membership for an interface on the Broadcom ASIC can be verified with the show hardware
vlans programmed command.
E. VLAN membership of an Interface can be vended wrth the VSh_lC show system Internal eltmc Info
interface x/x command.
Correct Answer: CD

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