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Long time and I will start using the website again

Posted: May 15th, 2016 | News

Hey everybody.  I know it has been a long time since I used the website.  I will start posting here more.  I just got in here and discovered a lot of messages about snakes sent to my website.  I can say the best way to contact me is to call at 402 202-8923 or text.  Otherwise my Brock Wagner Reptiles facebook page is very active.   You can always contact me there.  It has been going great.  I am mostly sold out at this time.  I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.  Clutches are cooking and we are going to make some great babies.  Brad Boa and myself are going to have a great year.  I am also partners with the great and smart Winston Smith of WHS Reptiles on some projects like the Scaleless Head and we got great stuff cooking.

We have had a Pastel Scaleless Head female ovulate and shed out.  We are just waiting on eggs from her now.  I can’t wait to produce a Scaleless ball python. I think that people will really get behind the project again once they see what the snakes look like and thrive under proper husbandry.  No TV deal seekers here.   We are going to provide weekly updates on our Scaleless ball pythons.  I still feel that I it is game changer for the industry.  The new colors are going to just be insane.

Boa and I are working hard on the Sunset project.  We have had great success with it.  Here in the US we were the only ones to produce visual Sunsets in 2015.  We will see what 2016 bring but I can say this I wouldn’t be surprised if we are the only ones again in 2016 to do that.  With most snakes costing under 1K and less it is a obvious investment choice for anyone who wants to make money breeding ball pythons.  The fact that it is recessive just is the icing on the cake.  These things can’t be mass produced.  We are working hard on making some Asus X550VL Charger new combo’s and of course plug the Banana gene into it!  Please stay tuned and contact me if you are interested in getting into the project!

I have scaled down mass producing in numbers here ay my facility.  With two other business’s and job and a family.  It can all just be to much.  So I am producing some clutches that I find interesting and make me happy to see pip out.  But that being said we are going Asus X550ZE Charger to have a great year and should produce some killer snakes.   So thanks for whoever stops by and reads my blog!