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Merry Christmas and Breeding

Posted: December 19th, 2011 | News

I just checked and it has been forever since I last posted.   Wow I have been busy.   I have been traveling and busy with two children.   I am also part of Blue Blood Brewing.  Go check out them out they have a website and they are on facebook.  My friend Brian makes some damn good beer.   I am thinking that the company is going to do very well.  

On the snake front I got killed with my last clutch of the year.   I bred a Lesser Champagne female to a SpinnerBlast Coral Glow male and I got a pair of Champagne’s and SpinnerBlast Coral Glow female.   I really wanted to make the Coral Glow Champagne.   Oh it will be done in 2012 for sure.   I have been working on getting the snakes up to size for this breeding season.   When you have more snakes it is tougher.   I see now why people who get bigger so often fail.   You have to stay at the right size to be just right.   I have never been a advocate of people getting huge and have buildings and buildings of snakes.   To me it feels like to much commercialization.   It hurts the business in the long run trust me.   I know! 

You can see by the picture that I just had my first breeding of the season.  It is a Pastel Butter Genetic Stripe male to a Genetic Stripe female with 17mm follicles.   I waited for quite some time before I started this year.   I have some very important young males that I need up to size and working this year.  I think I can say that I should have GHI production this year.   I know that morph is heavy in demand so I think that it will do me just fine.   Like everything out there it will come down in price like everything else.   I think in 2012 we will see more prices coming down faster.   The economy is not that good and there are a lot of people out there in the game now.   Hell I seen people giving Banana males away on breeding loan this year.   Ouch!   Some people don’t think about the business in the long term.   You can’t control it you just have to learn how to roll with it.   And that is something I have learned to do real well.   Bring on 2012 !