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New Year 2015

Posted: December 28th, 2014 | News

Sorry it has been quite some time since I posted here on my website.  I have been very active on my Facebook page.  So please go and keep track of me over there.   2014 has come and gone.  It was a great year we produced a ton of clutches and still have babies to sell.   We are getting close to being sold out.  I had a great snake year.  Prices have gone down and more buyers are stepping into the marketplace.   Some breeders are getting out and running for the hills.  Let them.  We are not one of them.   I really enjoy my snakes and this business has let me do things I could have only dreamt about.   I know that prices are going to go down next year on snakes.  But I do have to say, if a Banana is selling for $100 what are sellers going to do next give them away and pay their customers to take them?   I have to laugh.   We see the breeders and flippers playing the how low can you go game and just laugh.   I am waiting for them to start offering people money to take their snakes.   I am very happy with this year and look forward to the future!   And there is still the Scaleless Head project to turn every ball mutation into a Scaleless creation.  I am excited.  And we have combo Sunsets that we are working on!   The future looks bright.

I am going to do my first ultrasound today.  Time to start breeding.  I had so many clutches last year that I needed a break from breeding and what to pair.  I am thinking that we are going to have a light year this year.  I might need a little break.  To kid yourself we are still going to have plenty of Bamboo’s and het Sunset’s and SH’s for sale.  And don’t forget the Banana Clown project!   I do love that one.   I am gong to work hard on making more Banana Pieds also in the future.  We also have a new project that we are working with.  I am excited about the future of it.  It is very bright!

That is all for today.  Please follow me on Facebook and here.   If you have any questions are you interested in something I have please reach out to me via email or text or call.  We can always work out a deal!