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Season so Far

Posted: August 28th, 2014 | News

Man has it been a season so far.   Between all the hatchlings and my other business’s I have been busy as hell.   I got back from Daytona with a knowledge of what people are willing to do to make a sale.  But that being said I did very well at the show.  This market is not dead.  I have been very happy with the way stuff has been moving this year.   If you need anything I have please let me know.  We have been selling stuff very well this year.

Winston and I have been selling WHS line Scaleless heads very well.  We have a couple males left right with a few more clutches to hatch out.  We will do some trade but we need some cash to go with sale of them also.   I am very excited about the what the WHS SH project has in store.   I think that everyone is just going to love Scaleless Ball Python Morphs.   I feel that the future for them is very bright.  I love being at the Daytona show and having everyone come by our table and see them in person for the first time and they say you got the right gene.   That was awesome.  I think that if you want to play in the ball game that SH is the way to go.   So don’t be afraid contact me and lets do some business.

Brad Boa and I also have Sunset hets on the ground now.   We are asking 25K for a pair and right now we have 2 female Enchi het Sunset females available.   It is a simple recessive morph that is as rare as they come.   To be honest the Sunset gene is rarer then any other morph out there.  The fact that it is simple recessive is a huge plus for this project.   Brad and I are going to be in the fore front of this project I promise.  The Sunset combo morphs are going to rock.  I have several people interested in het pairs right now and I think that they are making a wise decision to get in on the ground floor of this project.  I can say that are not many of these out there.

I have been hatching out a lot of Banana’s and GHI combo’s lately also.  Please contact me if you are looking for anything.  I have been updating the lists that I put out on my Facebook page very frequently.  I look forward to what the next three months have to bring.  I will be going to the Tinley Park, Chicago show in October so come see me and my posse there!