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Snakes added to the website.

Posted: November 23rd, 2013 | News

Sorry I have been busy and I haven’t blogged in awhile.   Please go and check out my available page here on my website.  I put up pictures and weights of all of my available snakes.   I have a few more snakes out there with other people that I need to get pictures of and I can have my website completely up to date.   Snake sales have been going good and I have been happy with the last two months of sales.   We are headed into the holiday season and sales are going to slow way down.   It happens.   You have to perpare for it.

I have started another business venture it has been taking up some of my time.  I will tell you all more about it next year.   I like to keep myself busy and I like cash flow so we will see how it goes.   I have had a good year so that makes me happy and takes away some of the fears about the snake market.  I am looking at my females and I think I should have a decent year in 2014 as far as production goes.   I have a four egg clutch to hatch on Dec 4th from a Phantom female bred to a Mojave Banana male and a Mojave GHI male.   I am hoping for a split clutch!  

I also have a clutch of Banana Pieds to be laid soon.   That combo is just amazing.   I see it taking over the Albino Pied market for sure.   I think that Banana Pieds are going to be good sellers at the right price range.   They will have mass appeal.  I think that this market is going to change in the next two years big time.   I do feel that you can make money at breeding ball pythons you are just going to have to be smart about it.   I hear from smaller breeders that they can’t compete with the big breeders because of the numbers that they are producing.   Just remember this.   That means it costs them that much more to make snakes.   Their production costs are way more and I don’t care how much slave labor they employ it still costs them something.   And their quality control goes down also.   So long story don’t give up and stay up on your projects and you will be ok.   That was my pep talk for today.

Alright gotta go back to work.  As always watch my Facebook page as I have auctions going on and put up snakes for sale there.